How it works

Step 01

Search Your Area

We'll find you automatically.

Or you can search your desired destination. You can search for exact City, even mile radius from your location. If you like, you can limit your search to Free Food or Food Drinks. Leave this blank if you want both.

Step 02

Click to Select

Click/Tap on the card to select, or on the "Details" button to find out more about the place. You can select as many cards as you like.

The number of selected cards is always on top.

When you're done selecting, click on "Complete free registration" to finish the process.

Step 03

Complete registration

Fill out the form. From here you can delete some of the selected cards if you changed your mind.

And that's it.

Bon appetite!

Receive a text message with your digital offer

You will receive an SMS to confirm your Free Food or Drink.

Once you're the VIP, you can eat for free! And come back and select as many cards as you want.